» » Specma launches Gates industry-first multi-purpose hose!

Specma launches Gates industry-first multi-purpose hose!

Gates has announced the introduction of a new multi-purpose hose line that serves the needs of three distinct markets: Fuel transfer, Hydraulic return and suction lines, and 20R5 coolant applications. The Multi Master™ GMV™ MegaFlex™ line is the first-of-its-kind to simultaneously meet SAE 100R4, SAE J30R5, and SAE J20R5 requirements. It has a incredible 1:1 bend radius, an ARPM Class A tube and is also MSHA compliant.

The Multi Master™ GMV™ MegaFlex® hose provides customers with a solution to a broad range of demanding applications. The nitrile tube has excellent oil and fuel resistance, and is compatible with air, water, and coolant. Its corrugated chloroprene cover and steel helix reinforcement give it superior 1:1 flexibility and make it effectively kink free. The hose can be used from -40°C to +135°C, (+100°C Coolant, +50°C Fuel) in both suction and discharge applications. The Multi Master™ GMV hose is offered in 3/4" to 6" sizes.
Swaging data is available for Gates G-couplings and standard 2-piece inserts up to 2". GL couplings and Low pressure ferrules, Bolted clamps and fittings in SAE and BSP is available up to 4”. King couplings can also be used up to 6".